Laureen Flynn Smith

Songwriter & Publisher

It gives me great satisfaction to introduce good people one to another especially when the relationships blossom into friendships and productive business relationships. Such is the case with Laureen Smith. Every introduction I have made has been rewarding because, without exception, it’s been a great experience. Laurie is a gifted songwriter. She comes prepared, she understands the etiquette of songwriting and she is prolific. When I recommend Laurie to a fellow songwriter, producer, publisher or artist – I do so with full confidence she’ll make me proud. She always does!

Chaz Corzine, The Michael W. Smith Group

Country, Film, Pop, TV & Christian Music

Laureen has collaborated with artists, singers and songwriters from across the country with a focus on Nashville and Los Angeles. Her catalog includes 100’s of songs in the country, Christian, pop, film and TV genres.

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Laureen is the complete co-writer. She arrives prepared and in good spirits, ready to create. She is an excellent lyricist and is very aggressive in marketing a song!

Hall of Famer Buzz Cason writer of “Everlasting Love”

About Laureen Flynn Smith

Music has always been my refuge. Born in Boston, I was blessed to be part of a loving family adventuring up and down the East Coast as my father continued his success as a journalist. With each new destination, I would retreat to my favorite songs until I could find my footing. I began writing at an early age and my mother bought me my first guitar as a shy teen knowing somehow there I’d find my voice.

After many years as a teacher of the deaf, I experienced a personal medical crisis that led me to take a leap of faith and leave my deaf classroom. I wanted to teach my own five children how to chase their dreams by actively pursuing one of mine and sending my songs to Nashville.

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