Songwriting Collaborations
Close to Laureen’s Heart


So honored to Olivia Newton John record this song I wrote with Beth Nielsen Chapman for this special project. If you’re not familiar with LIV ON, please check out their website.

Performed by: Olivia Newton John, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Amy Sky
Written by: Beth Nielsen Chapman and Laureen Smith

Happy for You

Pop artist Khiana and I wrote this pop tune that landed on the charts Happy for You

I Believe In You

This was the first song I ever wrote in Nashville. I was blessed to write I Believe in You with singer/songwriter Cindy Morgan. Point of Grace is a multi Dove Award winning Christian group that has touched so many through their work. I was honored they put this song on their Thousand Little Things album.

Performed by: Point of Grace
Written by: Cindy Morgan and Laureen Smith

Just as I am/ I Come

Cindy Morgan is a two time Grammy nominated writer and has twelve Dove Awards to her name so far. She is one of my all time favorite artists and closest friends. To have her record one of the songs I have written with her was a true gift and honor. She has a new album coming out in November you won’t want to miss.

Performed by: Cindy Morgan
Written by: Cindy Morgan and Laureen Smith

Mr. Christmas

Lauren Anderson is a soulful bluesy rocker from Chicago. She came to us looking for a holiday song. What a fun cowrite that day with Sandy Ramos and Lauren. As soon as Sandy threw out the title, Lauren picked up her guitar and I chased the lyrics. The song came to life in the summer around a big wooden dining room table by a large bay window. “Mr. Christmas” is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and apple music.

Performed by: Lauren Anderson
Written by: Lauren Anderson, Sandy Ramos and Laureen Smith

Standing in the Storm

Soon after I arrived in Nashville, I brought my friend Gwen to a cowrite with Michael and Dwight. It was fun to hear them reminisce of their early days in CCM and Gospel Music and how so much has changed. While it only took us about an hour to write this song, we spent many hours in the room that day laughing and sharing stories. Thank you Michael for finding a home for this one.

Performed by: The Sharps
Written by: Michael Puryear, Dwight Liles, Laureen Smith and Gwen Moore

Man Down

Man Down was written with a talented melody friend from California. He and a friend sent me a hook and a groove with a story idea. I wrote a lyric as per their request and then I wrote a second lyric and took the hook in a different direction so they’d have two options. Luckily, they ran with the second one which was quickly picked up by a younger Nashville artist with a Texas following.

Performed by: Tyler Steel
Written by: David Micheal, Laureen Smith and Jay Brehmer

Fifty Second Chances

American Idol has produced many inspiring artists but perhaps none as inspiring as American Idol Finalist Scott MacIntyre. Blind at birth and a two-time kidney transplant recipient, my friend Scott lives life “By Faith not by Sight”. Michael W. Smith’s agent called and asked me to write with Scott when he arrived in Nashville. The result was three songs together on his first Nashville release. This was the first single off the album.

Performed by: Scott MacIntyre
Written by: Scott MacIntyre and Laureen Smith


Chris and I were introduced through his publisher for a cowriting session. We immediately hit it off because of our love of family and FOOTBALL as he led Bible studies for the Baylor Football Team. Casey was looking for an uptempo country tune which we wrote that day and a few months later it was being played in England on their country showcase.

Performed by: Casey Chapman
Written by: Chris Wommack and Laureen Smith

You Have Loved Me Through It All

When two Scott MacIntyre fans reached out to him interested in one of our songs, I was moved by their story immediately. Very familiar with sensory impairments with my background as an educator of the deaf and hard of hearing, I have an appreciation of the gifts of these two artists. It is they who inspire me. This hard working talented duo rendition of “You Have Loved Me Through It All” is beautiful.

Performed by: G. Blackwell and S. Shepherd
Written by: Scott MacIntyre and Laureen Smith